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Children's lessons 


Lessons are designed for each student's needs.
In the beginning, children learn how to play the piano in a very intuitive way through games, playing at the same time as the teacher. They also learn their first notes on the piano C-D-E.
After a few weeks, they are ready to play melodies by memory, and that, we can start to introduce them little by little to read music on the staves!


Lessons are designed for students who already have a basic background and knowledge of music.

We make a plan designed on goals and inspiring each student to reach a higher level in music developing specific techniques on the piano and music theory.


These students have previous good knowledge about music and sometimes the main problem is either piano technique or music theory gaps.

In these particular cases, we need to make a wide comprehensive plan to reach their goal very fast.

Including a selection of pieces and techniques to practice during the week.


We are all aware of the importance of a certificate to reach our goals in this competitive field and the world we live in.

Northlondonmusicinstitute has good experience preparing the student with great success !

Firstly we´ll have an interview to organize and plan your exams to reach your goals in the best possible way

We’d love to hear from you!

Head of North London Music Institute
" learn music is so much  fun when you enjoy it"

Lessons for adults

Take a lesson when we are adults involves a big effort as we don´t have any free time.

We understand how efficient and realistic has to be the plan to make it for you.

That´s why the first interview is crucial to adapt or make a plan with specific goals.

Some of the students already know about playing an instrument in their youth, so this is a good point to take note of when we make a plan for you.

We divided into three different levels;




Remember that it doesn't matter if you couldn't start before.

You can always play an instrument if you wish!!

Online lessons

Since COVID 19 arrives we were doing lots of lessons by zoom, skype, and facetime.

Even when it was of course challenging, we find new tools to learn in the comfort and security of your home.

We use the computer and cameras pointing out the piano in different angles to have the lessons in the most natural possible way.

Children enjoyed a lot working with a virtual board and piano.

These lessons have the option to listen to great pianists at the same time! in a very fun way.

Book your piano lesson if you are en adult who wants to learn safety or ask you, parents!!



The lessons are designed especially for each student.

You can share a lesson with two or more students in the same place.

You can book the first lesson at the beginning.

 The cost for the trial lesson will be the same as one lesson of 30, 45,60,75, 90 minutes.

After that, you can book five lessons in advance every time.


To book a lesson, you need to pay by bank transfer before it starts or by cash the same day.

I prepare students for ABRSM and Trinity. My students get honors and merits in their exams.

 The lessons are flexible, fun, and dynamic.

The lessons for children are focused on the Suzuki method and also the classical Italian piano school.

In the beginning, children learn the position of the hands-on piano and the first sounds. They also learn to play and sing melodies from memory.

The approach to music is through games, music theory books, and piano books for children.

The lessons are from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.

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