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The most popular questions when you are looking to start a piano lesson

-How long are piano lessons?

Lessons are designed for each student's needs. The length of the lessons depends on many different aspects like your age and time.

When you think about a piano lesson's length, you will have to take these aspects in mind.

4 and 5 years old students is better to have short lessons and not longer than 30 or 45 minutes.

-What age should I start to play the piano?

Children tend to learn very fast in the early stages of their life, so sooner should be the best idea, of course!

-Can I have piano classes at my place?

Yes, you can have a lesson in the comfort of your place, our teachers travel to your place.

-Can I share a piano lesson with any member of my family?

Yes! All lessons can be share at the same place.

-Do I need a piano to start a lesson or a piano course?

You can take piano lessons in our studio at the beginning, although to have a better approach to the instrument, after a few lessons you will need a piano to practice.

-If I´m an adult who has never play the piano before, can I start now?

Yes, you can start to play an instrument right now if you wish. To achieve your goals, a teacher will help you with a great plan created especially for you!

Are the teaches holding a current DBS?

Yes, all teachers currently hold a DBS for your own security.

Can I prepare my ABRM or Trinity exam?

Yes, we have lots of experience preparing students to take exams with great success! Our students get Honors on their exams based on a well-prepared plan that we make for each particular student.

What level do I need to start a lesson?

We take piano students at all levels up to the first steps concert standard. If you are tackling advanced repertoire, my experience as a camera concert pianist will help you project your musical intentions with maximum impact, and overcome the most challenging difficulties. Equally, I’m adept at cultivating the talents of students at all the earlier stages of development. Adults are very welcome.

What is your style of piano teaching?

All our teachers have an excellent background from different styles of music, from classical to jazz and modern styles as they are pianist-composers, songwriters, and conductors.

My own pianistic heritage has substantial Italian influence, with its emphasis on physical effectiveness and Italian technique of quality of the sound. However, my approach to piano teaching is flexible and dynamic, with my lessons being tailored to the individual student’s needs, aims, personality, and musical aptitude. Although I’m committed and meticulous in preparing you for your goals, I’m also patient and encouraging, as I think I have to help you in your confidence as a student. The piano lessons will always be friendly and positive, the most important to achieve your goals!

I committed to showing a student how to practice the piano in the most effective way.

What are your rates?

Our rates are based on levels of difficulties. We start from the very beginning to concerts' students' standards.

New piano students 2020 beginners start on

30 minutes  £26.5

45 minutes £33

60 minutes £37,

75 minutes £44 

90 minutes £51

For younger children, 30 pr 45 minutes is normally enough; for other students, 45 minutes or an hour is usually more appropriate. 

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